Head scans: Secrets Revealed

As a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern one of the things I do is to use talk therapies to help people dealing with emotional and mental problems such as depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, substance abuse problems, etc. Mental Health Counselors treat these problems with many therapies that involve changes in thinking and behavior that can not necessarily be ‘seen’. What is fascinating in regards to this book is that Dr. Amen, a clinical neuroscientist and psychiatrist, gives an explanation of these problems as ‘brain disorders’ that can actually be scientifically detected with imaging tools. His work gives a window into the metaphysical reality that is the age old mind-brain problem philosophers and scientists have wondered over for centuries. Dr. Amen writes, “I always believed there was a strong connection between spiritual health and mental health (Amen, 4).”

I work from a spiritual, rational, and physical perspective that is holistic and based in a philosophy that includes all three metaphysical (aspects of being) and epistemological (aspects of knowing) planes. We cannot discount the importance of the spiritual and intuitions of the heart where we talk about and experience such things as trust, faith, hope, and love. I draw my philosophical understanding from my studies of intellectual history. I particularly draw from one of my favorite philosophers, Blaise Pascal, who gave me a good argument for a spiritual, rational, and physical perspective for my practice that includes a strong theological and scientific base.

Long before we could detect the smallest particles of matter in the atom the Greek philosopher Leucippus hypothesized of its existence around 450 B.C. Not long after, his follower, Democritus coined the term ‘atom’ from the Greek ?t?µ?? (atomos, “indivisible”) from (a-, “not”) and t?µ?? (temno, “I cut”), which means uncuttable, or indivisible, something that cannot be divided further. Some of the greatest discoveries have originated from the intuitions of man’s heart, only later to be empirically ‘detected’ and rationally understood (if not perfectly), if not seen and touched. Mental health has been a soft science with classified categories of clusters of symptoms in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders yet without necessarily an empirical way to detect and diagnose. Many of the symptoms described in diagnoses are based on behavior and reports.

Dr. Amen here explains how science can empirically detect and measure activities in the mind-brain connection. This book has a lot of information regarding mental health problems drawn from Brain SPECT imaging, an empirical tool that Dr. Amen uses to detect ‘brain disorders’, or diagnosed mental health problems that meet DSM criteria. These are Nuclear medicine studies that measure blood flow and activity levels in the brain (Amen, 5). Dr. Amen also discusses use of PET (positron emission tomography), MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), CAT (computerized axial tomography), and EEG (electroencephalograms). Seeing that many mental health problems can be empirically detected in brain function using these tools can be helpful in dispelling stigma and false guilt when there is a medical problem and brain disorder. Without some evidence of the medical issue, people may think that it is ‘all in their head’ and they just need to get it together, or that they are just a ‘bad person’.

What the information in this book adds to my practice is a holistic perspective that includes making referrals and recommending information on medication, nutrition, exercise, social interactions, behavior changes, along with the talk therapies and other treatments I offer as a mental health counselor. Dr. Amen states he is one of very few psychiatrists that offer these types of brain / head scans and consultation on mental health problems. They are also rather expensive. He states the purpose of the book is not for everyone to go out and get their brains scanned but to explain a wide variety of human behaviors in terms of the images that SPECT provides and show they can be treated on a medical model as well as the traditional psychological and social models (Amen, 15).

Dr. Amen by no means argues that talk therapy is not effective for treating these empirically detected ‘brain disorders’. His point is not that physical things can only be treated physically but to show a fascinating explanation of thought and behavior using the brain images. For example, his research shows that depression is associated with limbic system (an area of the brain) over-activity and that bonding can decrease this over-activity (Amen, 41). One example of this is that orgasm is like a mini-seizure in the limbic system and lessens deep limbic activity (Amen, 41). He found that when a patient who was depressed had a scan before and after having passionate sex with his wife his brain scan showed his limbic activity was significantly decreased (Amen, 41). He then goes on to explain how casual sex does not work and is so damaging for many females because they have a larger limbic system than males that bonds more deaply, crashing harder when a bond is broken. He also writes that healthy bonding between mothers and children, between family, friends, and even pets affects the limbic system positively.

Dr. Amen has an entire chapter on enhancing positive thought patterns. Dr. Amen’s prescription to heal these limbic problems includes, “… accurate thinking, the proper management of memories, the connection between pleasant smells and moods, and building positive bonds with oneself and others (p. 55).” It is common knowledge that research shows Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (a talk therapy) to be highly effective in dealing with depression, but it is effective in dealing with a wide range of psychological problems (Corey, 288, Beck, 2). Cognitive Behavioral Therapy deals with changing distorted thinking and core beliefs about the self and the world such as that one is unlovable or helpless. Bonding also happens in talk therapy between a client and therapist and can enhance relationships and bonding with others.

Understanding there may be a physical problem with the brain is therapeutic and can help us to find more ways to improve our mental health. This book is a great read and a good reference for any specific illness or mental health problem. I also would highly recommend This is Your Brain on Joy by Dr. Earl Henslin with a forward by Dr. Amen. As well as good information and explanation of the parts of the brain (he uses a cartoon) and how they are related to different patterns of thought and behavior, there are a lot of good tips for helping with specific problems including many different treatments, what foods to eat, vitamins, aromatherapy, and cinematherapy.


A Closer Look Into Online Marketing

Marketing has always been an important part of every business strategy. It is a medium to keep the target audience informed about a company’s product or services. The methods of marketing have changed considerably over time. As more and more consumers are turning to internet for their buying decisions, marketers are realizing the importance of marketing their goods and services online. Online marketing involves making use of techniques like social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, email and mobile marketing to reach a target audience. Online marketing allows businesses to build direct relationship with their customers around the world. Developing an effective campaign can help your business attract more customers and achieve unprecedented growth. Here are some of the benefits of using online marketing techniques to promote your business:

Global Reach- There are no geographical constraints in this type of marketing. It offers you a wider reach by allowing you to overcome barriers of distance. You can sell your product and service to your targeted audience residing in any part of the world at any time of the day.Check ad agency.

Cost-Effective- Marketing a product online costs less than marketing them through other means. It does not involve any travel cost, printing cost and cost to employ people to set up direct relation with customers. The cost of starting an online marketing campaign does not cost much but gives you a wider audience reach and quick results.

Track real-time Results- There are various tools available online which allows you to track the real-time performance of an online marketing campaign. They help you in continuing with the campaigns which are yielding good results and shut down those which are not able to make an impact on the customers.

Social Media- Social media plays a very important role in the promotion of goods and services. Customers pay a lot of attention to reviews and comments posted online before buying any product or service. You can easily take advantage of the growing reliance of customers on social media by incorporating platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn in your online marketing campaigns.

Relationship Building- This type of marketing is a good way to establish relationship with your customers. It also allows you to get quick feedback for your product or service and help build a sense of community. You can stay in touch of your customers y sending them follow up mails and informing them regularly about deals, discounts and new product launches. A well developed online marketing campaign can open a world of whole new opportunities for your business. Hire the services of a professional online marketing company to get the best out of your marketing campaigns.


Android App Promotion Essential Strategies

As most of us recognize, the mobile app industry is booming at a fast lane, and there is no deduction to it. Particularly, Android Application Growth is on an increase these days, as Android apps are getting maximum downloads. Today, you can locate lots of Android applications in the Google Play store, so to earn your application get discovered in the middle of all various other apps can be straining. Regardless of how much initiative you might have put in creating your mobile application, including developing an enticing design or adding relevant and also extremely engaging content, this isn’t really sufficient to make your application a better one by individuals.click over here now android app promotion.

In straightforward words, regardless of just how incredible as well as important your Android application could be, nothing issues if your application doesn’t reach its targeted audience. An achievable alternative is to market your app. The most effective part is that advertising and marketing or promoting your app isn’t really mosting likely to cost you a cent, as well as instead could be done within your monetary issue. There are a number of financially rewarding tactics available in the industry that you can adhere to, which can prove to be large assistance while promoting your application.

1. Raise your App Visibility on Social Media
Nowadays, virtually each and every person is energetic on one or other social networking sites. Therefore, social media sites is a terrific and also among the foremost ways that could aid promote your app among a vast variety of users worldwide, without more trouble. It will be great to begin advertising your application prior to the date of launch of your application in the marketplace. There are various ways to market your app on social networks, and a few of them are listed here.

Create and share a post about your Android application, including its launch day and also a couple of display shots of app layout can work wonders, as it could stir up inquisitiveness amongst users, to utilize your application.

A highly befitting method is to create a marketing video concerning your application. Albeit reviewing reviews can be a little bit monotonous for some sometimes, yet lots of people do like enjoying videos.

2. Go with a touchdown page for your app on your organisation site
In addition to promoting sites through search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization) practices, mobile applications can additionally be advertised with aid of Search Engine Optimization ideal techniques. Basically, make certain to have a devoted marketing page for your newly released or ready to release app on your existing organisation site. Typically called as touchdown page, it will certainly be work as the basis of performing cross-promotion amid your other marketing campaign and linking chances.

3. Responses
The idle way to understand whether your app fulfills your clients demand or otherwise, needs you to ask customers for their view or take on your application. This could be done by asking customers to rank your application and by offering reviews/comments. So, having responses is the very best alternative that despite the testimonials you obtain, constantly assures to give you advantage in some or the other method.

For an instance, you can utilize the unfavorable evaluations to maintain a tab on your application efficiency as well as take assistance of Android App Developers to enhance it accordingly. People count on testimonials over the application summary that you typically offer on your website or representing your application. And also hence, positive application testimonials will help you bring in customers to your application.

Mobile car valeting- Waterless Valeting

It may be extremely bewildering to think of an automobile clean without water. In company automobile washes, you have actually pressurized water showers and froths of auto cleanser slathered on your vehicle with unusually composed removaling brushes and also wipers. At your senior high school automobile laundry pledge drive, you have understudies with basins of water, frothing the vehicles with sudsy froths. Along these lines of washing your cars and truck, nonetheless, has actually been observed to be hurtful to the earth. While we definitely can not turn around the injury that this practice has officially done, there is yet a path where we can prevent additionally harm. From the customary vehicle cleaning, we can pick to clean our automobiles with waterless valeting.

A waterless carwash jobs by raising without end earth from the vehicle’s surface area. Through the chemicals in the waterless auto clean shower, the earth fragments are enclosed as well as taken off from the paint surface area without hurting it. Some waterless cars and truck laundry showers are supported with a defensive included compound, as a rule carnauba wax, which leaves a twinkle in the cars and truck’s surface. Cleaning mendings are also included in the showers that serve to buff out surface area scrapes. These things are earth cordial contrasted with their water partners, as they don’t add to the poisonous shops that stream into the seas as well as different channels. As it is completely waterless, using them doesn’t tire the globe’s water properties.mobile car valeting offers excellent info on this.

Making use of waterless valeting is significantly a lot more practical compared to normal carwashes. It utilizes much less assets and is much less repetitive to do. The whole treatment is done in three straightforward strides with a fundamental shower, wipe, as well as lover. While the traditional strategy would certainly require a different shaving system, the defensive and also cleansing parts had in the waterless auto clean sprinkle does whatever in one go. Various benefits of the waterless vehicle clean when contrasted with normal vehicle consist of: UV security, no staining, all-climate application, and also a very long time span of functionality. The waterless cars and truck offers all your car outside cleaning demands in one thing. With everything taken into account, this thing is a genuinely advantageous technique to take care of your auto. You get the exact same incredibly smooth appearance without each of the torments, chaos, and also costs of doing it the traditional method.

The notoriety of the automobile is not just limited to customers. The people that have actually begun their very own waterless valeting organizations have been obtaining a lot more customers that they can take care of. There is a ton of space for various organisation enthusiasts who desire to go into branching out of these clean organizations. A couple of establishments use an entire organisation bundle with remarkably modest expenses. With your bundle comes your supply of a scope of waterless items, advertising and marketing support, and procedures preparing support among others. As client line in cleans reveal, there is a remarkable service chance in waterless cars and truck cleansing administration. Another favorable position to the ease of access of these waterless cars and truck laundry items is that you could even go mobile in the event that you need. You do not need to have your very own car with a mobile waterless car wash advantage. All it takes is a little elbow joint oil and also your solid line of cleaning items.

Android Digital Signage for Marketing Your Business

You increase new customers, increment normal spending, save money on print costs, present a lifted level of vitality and essentialness, and increment your benefits. Where you have a market reliant on drive and Take on approaches for electronic digital signage to give some examples, you have it made. Motivation purchasing disturbs the typical basic leadership models in shoppers’ brains. The intelligent arrangement of the customers’ activities is supplanted with a nonsensical snapshot of self-delight. Motivational things speak to the enthusiastic side of shoppers. A few things purchased on drive are not viewed as practical or vital in the shoppers’ lives.Explanation Described on Android digital signage

Great software digital signage arrangements are intended to trigger these driving forces, by uncovering limited time messages at the correct place and at the perfect time. Here, you basically push customers’ to recognize something that mixes a specific energy in them – which thusly drives them straight to your tills. These frameworks can likewise be utilized as an apparatus to create publicizing income by advancing different organizations and administrations; by offering promoting time on your computerized show to other nearby organizations. Advanced digital signage for healthcare can be a dynamic component in anybody’s showcasing, not at all like those never-showing signs of change postings inside neighbourhood registries and printed pennants/signs – which when you include all these up – can cost the normal retailer a fortune after some time, and with a difficulty to gauge ROI.

The rising utilization of advanced signage r digital signage software solutions by little and medium-sized organizations can be credited to numerous elements like falling gear costs. For instance, a half drop in the cost of LCD shows in the course of the most recent five years has made beforehand costly arrangements a sensible suggestion for SMEs. The expanded mindfulness and an acknowledgment of the upper hand that can be picked up are all positive drivers. Savvy use, on this kind of innovation furnishes SMEs with a genuine moderate favourable position in intense times.

These days advanced signage or easy digital signage is much more than an intricate notice. It, when utilized effectively, can give on-going information; invigorate request by offering additional data encompassing and integral to items, for example, formulas or options. Independent ventures should be more responsive and faster off the stamp than their bigger partners. There’s no preferred approach to do this over utilizing an advanced sign which can be overhauled, either from a focal area or locally, to reflect evolving circumstances.

The key is to discover an arrangements supplier that can give solid counsel and has a decent association with a seller so that they can give you a track on the improvement of the item in future. Ideally we are through the passage of retreat. Be that as it may, it merits surfacing for oxygen and investigating what there is to help littler organizations. A long way from being simple window dressing, the new gadgets gear simply rising onto the market can truly have any kind of effect. It is thus, the right time to open your eyes to the open doors that advanced and easy to use digital signage brings to the table.