About Fire Rated Doors

Fire accidents are probably the most dangerous calamity that can occur. In recent times, the number of causalities in case of fire accidents has also risen tremendously. Did you know that a majority of people die due to inhalation of toxic gases during a fire? In most cases, the smoke proves far deadlier than the fire itself. Adding on to it, a fire usually gains hold by spreading rapidly the through doors, walls and windows within a matter of minutes.Every home, commercial unit, industrial plant should be equipped with basic fire fighting resources and measures such as a water sprinkler system, smoke alarms, etc. In addition to these safety measures, a Fire Rated Door can also be installed easily in any property. Such a kind of door provides exceptional resistance to fire. What Exactly Is A Fire Rated Door? A Fire Rated Door looks and functions like any other door, but has an added feature that can restrict fire and smoke at one place. You may observe them installed at places prone to fire accidents. Fire Rated Doors are made from heavy duty materials such as stainless steel, metals, gypsum, etc. The use of sturdy material restricts combustion. Thus, they are able to limit the spread of fire for an extended period of time.Get the facts at fire rated doors website

Importance Of Fire Rated Doors-Restrict Fires from Spreading: Doors are the main part of the fire resistance system in a building or a complex. It provides free entry and exit within the building or complex. Fire Rated Doors are typically used to restrict fires from spreading. Ensures Safety: Fire Rated Doors provide increased safety in the sense that people can be evacuated to safety far more conveniently. This is because it limits the fire & smoke to a particular section where it started first, the evacuation can be safely carried out in the rest of the areas. Restrict Damages: Installing a Fire Rated Door not only saves human life but also allows least possible damage to the properties. No Compromise On Aesthetic Appeal: Even though they differ in features from a standard door, yet aesthetically they can be as beautiful as a normal door.

Types Of Fire Rated Doors-Single rated doors provide around 240 minutes of endurance in events of fires. These well designed doors include a glaze for enhanced aesthetic.
Double fire rated doors reduce the spread of fire dramatically when compared to standard wooden doors. Certified double fire rated doors can withstand heat and smoke. Fire rated doors are easy to install and can be easily obtained from a manufacturer or supplier. When purchasing a fire rated door, you should always pay attention to the manufacturing warranty and support.